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The Qube 1.0 Beta 4.2 is now available!

The Qube 1.0 Beta 4.2 is now available!

Hi all, The Qube 1.0 Beta 4.2 is now available for download, or via auto update. You should receive an update notification within half an hour of release, or immediately upon restarting The Qube. If you would prefer to install the update manually, please download the installer from here.

Changes include:

  • Fixes for Dolphin and SAPI speach outputs.
  • All deprecated URL shorteners have been removed.
  • The ability to post to the TwUp audio posting service.

For a full list of recent changes, please view the online version of the changelog You can also view the readme here.

N.B. This version of The Qube is beta-quality software and, as such, it is possible that its feature set and the way it operates may change significantly before final release. It should also be stressed that, though we will make every effort to eliminate as many problems as possible, it is inevitable that you will still encounter bugs, some of which could potentially lead to system instability.

If you have any bug reports, questions, comments or suggestions, please drop a mention to @quartz_projects on Twitter and we’ll be in touch. We’ll also make sure we follow you so that, if the need arises, we can communicate via direct message and avoid spamming other users’ timelines.

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What’s been going on at Quartizer Projects HQ?

Hi all, Long time no speak, as it were! First and formost, I’d like to asure you all that, contrary to speculation in recent weeks since I moved the site over to wordpress, The Qube is very much still under development. As of now, when ever a new version of The Qube is released, a new blog article will be posted here, containing a brief summary of what the update contains, a link to the full Change Log, and a direct download link to the version of The Qube in question.

As for the current version of The Qube (1.0 Beta 4.1), it is still available to download, and you can get it here.

Now, on to the matter of the afor mentioned development itself: I hope to push out an update in the near future that addresses some of the issues experienced with the latest version, primarily support for Dolphin and SAPI speach outputs. I will also try to fix as much as possible before this update is pushed, as things are likely to go quiet from me while I work on implementing proxy support, something I have been asked to do and have spent a lot of time researching in recent months. I am also working on an automated build system, something I dreamed up yesterday, a script, or set of scripts, that runs on my windows box here, possibly paving the way to some sort of nightly build / snapshot system.

Well, that’s it for this update, please feel free to comment on this post, and I shall respond to any queries in a timely fassion. I look forward to reading and responding to your comments.

Take care, all.